Nowadays, TRX could be described as an adjustable non-elastic harness, made out of soft nylon with industrial strength that allows complete full body training.

Suspension training has introduced itself very quickly in professional athletic training programs such as basketball, hockey, triathlon, golf, tennis, skiing, swimming, surfing, motocross and practically any remaining sports activity.

Grants you the possibility of completing full body training, varied exercises and for all different levels. As we indicated, it is used by elite sportsmen to people that train strength only once per week.

  • Develops strength as well as improving flexibility and balance.
  • Assures core stability, involved in all exercises performed with TRX®.
  • Offers a multidimensional workout with useful, safe and efficient exercises, simulating functional and sport gestures.
  • As we can adjust the resistance through corporal position, suspension training is safe for everybody no matter what level of physical condition they have.
  • It is a portable and easy to set-up tool, which allows practically an unlimited number of exercises to achieve any kind of objective, being physical condition level and/or performance.

Private sessions can be delivered outdoors (trees, beams, columns, etc) or indoors (doors, anchoring, etc) by respecting the following conditions:

  • The selected area of exercise must have a flat surface with a minimum of 2m long x 1,5m wide
  • Anchorage must be approximately 2m high
Certificate TRX

Suspension training TRX® emerged from the need of SEALS, a special operations team from the U.S Navy, in order to maintain their physical form at optimum levels when their job circumstances involved a lack of space or traditional training equipment. It was originially created from a parachuting belt, hand stitched and with rubber pieces, creating a series of exercises in which they used their own body weight, establishing the base of what would then become an innovative and original way of exercising: TRX suspension training.