The physiotherapist Chiara Cantone has a doctorate in physiotherapy and a laureate expedited by the University of Medicine and Surgery.

Physiotherapy, originally taken from the greek term meaning “natural therapy”, is a part of medicine that concerns prevention, diagnose, cures and human body rehabilitation on a muscular, articular and neuronal point of view.

How She works

She works with anamnesis, physical examination and when necessary, laboratory testing to acquire results (X-rays, ultrasound, electromyography, resonance, etc.), to appraise and establish a treatment plan corresponding the diagnosis. On top of that, Chiara Cantone uses devices or machinery for muscle/joint rehabilitation, or to treat injuries/surgical operations using electrical currents, laser rays, ultrasound or magnets, in addition to different manual therapies adapted to the treatment (therapeutic, circulatory, sports, relaxing and/or lymphatic drainage massages).

Parallel figures/Collaborators
  • Physiotherapy is considered a health profession that involves diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal system disorders, emphasizing in manual treatments, including manipulation.
  • Osteopathy is a manual therapy that treats the body as a whole being. Its base describes how illnesses are caused by an alteration of structure(s) of the organ, muscle, bone or any other tissue and that all systems in our body are related to each other, thus showing how disorders affecting one system can unwind problems in other systems.
  • Kinesiologist is a professional dedicated to compensating mechanical stress in the organism using various methods to assist the issues such as: balancing the body and correcting poor conditions or dysfunctions; he does not treat or diagnose classified illnesses but takes care of imbalances of energy in the human body.
  • Chiropractor is the person in charge of manual massaging or chiro-massage in a professional field.
Who She works with
  • Family doctor (or medical practitioner)
  • Sports doctor: Applies science and medical arts to sports practice.
  • Traumatologist: Dedicated to the study of injuries in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Orthopedic: A doctor specialized in correcting and preventing deformities or traumas affecting the musculoskeletal system through surgery (orthopedic surgery), devices or physical exercises.
  • Qualified personal trainers: A personal trainer is a fitness professional that is in charge of teaching and prescribing physical exercises to healthy individuals or under medical supervision (sports doctor, physiotherapist).