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Our Home Physiotherapy team is made up of healthcare professionals in different areas of intervention.

Choose the service that suits your needs the most and have the individualized quality treatment that we offer you from PhysioGolfMarbella

Home Treatments

Fisioterapia, osteopatía, masajes

Physiotherapy, osteopathy, massages

Enjoy from today our services and treatments comfortably at your home. 

We offer physiotherapy, osteopathy, therapeutic massages, sport massage and a specific one for the golfer’s body and its needs.

Sessions last between 45 and 60 minutes and rates are calculated for Marbella and surroundings. 

Before finalizing the reservation, you will receive the final budget, calculated according to your location and all the details about your first appointment and the professional that suits your needs the most.

All are designed exclusively for you and your well-being, after one round of golf and another.

clases de golf

Healthy Golf lessons

Golf is a game for life, best played without physical aches and pains.

In our classes we focus on both the game and the movement of the body, to prevent and cure harmful or potentially harmful gestures.

The classes are aimed at all ages and levels.

  • 1 hour 60 euros
  • 30 min 35 euros
  • 9 holes 100 euros (Green fee not included)
  • Body fitting 140 euros

It is a class focused on both the player's body and the flight of the ball. The objective is to prevent and cure harmful gestures during the swing, which can fuel pain and future injuries.

At the end of the class, a report will be sent by email with the corrections, tips and therapeutic exercises to be able to continue playing in a safe and healthy way.

Particularly recommended to:

  • People who have undergone operations and do not trust to resume the game safely.
  • People who suffer from physical pain or discomfort during or after the game.
  • People who approach golf and do not want to take up potentially harmful or harmful vices.
  • People with mild handicaps such as chronic low back pain, joint limitations, scoliosis, replacements, etc.
  •  1 class: € 140 (includes 1 hour of golf class, online report with video of the class, explanations, solutions and specific exercises)
  • Online monitoring available: € 50


Tailored Nutritional counseling

Nutrition is one of the most important tools you have to preserve your health and vitality.

If we practice any sport, then you have to pay more attention on it.

At Physiogolfmarbella® we guide you into a conscious and healthy nutrition, helping you to achieve your goals.

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terapia CMF

Exclusive treatment with C.M.F therapy

CMF (Combined Magnetic Fields) therapy uses electromagnetic fields at very low frequencies to treat acute and chronic pain, quickly and effectively.

It is a totally painless treatment, indicated in cases of:

  • Joint and muscle pain (lumbago, neck pain, contractures, etc.)
  • Tendonitis, fasciitis, epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)
  • Localised edema (sprain, osteoarthritis, impact trauma)
  • Localised and dispersed osteoporosis
  • Neuralgia and headaches
  • Sciatica and piriformis or pyramidal syndrome
  • Per Session: € 90
  • Pain Killer pack: Three sessions over three consecutive days
    Price: € 240 (payment in advance)

The duration of the treatment varies between 45 and 60 minutes.

Entrenamiento funcional para Golf

Functional training for Golf

Being golf an asymmetrical sport, it provokes a muscular, joint and functional unbalance at the same time.

To improve your game, be consistent and prevent injuries, you must train and strengthen some muscles chains and stretch others.

During the golf swing, three parameters stand out: speed, coordination and balance, which will be improved during your training plan.

At Physiogolfmarbella® we offer tailored one to one sessions and online training plans, to improve your technical and physical condition.



test epigenética

Epigenetics Test

The MODERN LIFESTYLE can influence the general well-being of the organism by altering it.
Food, substances we absorb, emotional state and environmental factors can modify gene expression up to 98% without changing our DNA.

All this is known as EPIGENETICS.

Through a no invasive test followed by an epigenetics study, we can, in just few minutes, examine all these factors to evaluate the potential risks and consequently being able to rectify habits or situations that are dangerous for your health

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