Sports and physical prep lover, the trainer uses different tools and disciplines in her personal training sessions; among those are:


Allows a full body workout, improving balance and body control, which leads to an automatic adjustment in the posture and stability of the body, reinforcing the abdominal and gluteal areas. Working with fitball can be versatile and adapts to any age or physical condition.


Training with a special elastic band, it constitutes as an effective method to increase our capacity to perform with all our main muscular groups; the principle is very simple but extremely effective: resistance.

Thera-Band offers practically a complete range of exercises that can be performed at any given time and place. Its versatility allows a mimic of technical gestures from various sports such as golf, tennis/padel, athletism, swimming, etc.

This training is adaptable to any age and level.


In combination with active training, electro stimulation favors better results in half the time. Chosing specific muscle chains, the current intensity increases to reach the muscular motor units (100% effective work) through electrodes at bearable power levels, while at the same time performing simple movements or even combined with other disciplines (TRX, Thera-Band, Fitball, etc).

Mat Work

This is a kind of training carried out on a simple training pad and adapts to all ages and levels. It can be combined with other disciplines such as Foamroller, Thera-Band, Fitball, etc.

The training consists of a series of exercises which are divided into three levels: mobilisation, work and stretching, where your own body is the protagonist of each exercise and its resistance will be handling the force of gravity.

Benefits of an apparently simple activity are multiple:

  • Uniform muscle toning throughout the body.

  • Increased flexibility.

  • Improves posture and range of motion.

  • Relieves and prevents all types of back pain: cervical, thoracic, lumbar.

  • Improves both circulatory and lymphatic system.

  • Enhances coordination, balance and concentration.

Foam Roller or Pilates cylinder

It consists of a firm rubber/foam roller which allows a technique known as myofascial self-liberation, using our own weight and agility to “roll” in the area of our body we intend to “massage”. This is why it is usually applied at two key moments: before and after the training session, leading to a reduction of pain and activating musculature to start the exercises afterwards.


  • Correcting certain mobility or flexibility problems.
  • Correcting possible muscular imbalances.
  • Improves balance and posture

Adapts to all ages, levels and it forms an integral part in a complete training.