Hello golfers!

Surely very few know the meaning of this word, optometry.

Well, then this article will interest you a lot, due to the fact that visiting a sport optometric could improve the way you play golf. Furthermore, it brings other benefits in relation to your health care.

I’m sure it’s already got your attention!

But what’s better than explain it to you a specialist in the sector, who kindly lent herself for this interview that will follow a few lines below and her name is Dr. Hanan Haulani, optometrist and posturologist. (www.theperfectsense.es)


Let´s start…

  1. Doctor, so that our readers can clearly understand it, could you explain in a simple way what sports optometry is and its benefits?

 Answer: Taking into account that 80% of the information that our body receives in order to be able to carry out a certain action comes from vision; sports optometry is the specialty of our profession responsible for helping the athlete to reach their maximum visual potential, and thus, as a benefit, to be able to influence their sports results.

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2. Briefly describe how an optometric visit takes place and how long it lasts. 

Answer: For an athlete patient to be at their peak visual performance, there are certain skills such as concentration, depth perception, fixation, focus, visual tracking, peripheral vision, visualization and eye-hand coordination, foot, and body, which must be in perfect condition.

A sports optometric visit can be considered divided into two parts.

In the first one, the patient’s visual behavior within the field is studied and how it develops with these skills.

The second part of the visit is carried out in consultation, where the optometric values ​​of the patient are obtained and thus be able to arrive at the correct diagnosis and give the best advice and offer personalized treatment.

Carrying out a good anamnesis, analyzing what the patient’s concerns are, and assessing all the visual skills involved, the duration of the visit is two days (approximately one hour per day)

3. In Catalonia there are also many golf courses; Which do you think are the fastest improvements in the game of golf that can be perceived after a sports vision therapy treatment?

Answer: An improvement in ocular motor skills will be noted, obtaining more precision in the blow and better calculation of depth and discrimination of the bottom.

In addition, a greater capacity for visual concentration is acquired, significantly improving their performance.

4. Are there signs that an athlete needs a hearing with you?

Answer: patients come to our consultation due to the fact that they perceive that their ocular vision is not accurate. They need enough energy to execute a movement, reducing their sports performance.

They are those patients who, even having a perfect body posture and an impeccable backswing, fail in their precision in the hole and present a great energy drain.

5. Is there an age range or can everyone come to you for a consultation or visit?

Answer: Any athlete of any age can upgrade their visual performance in order to achieve better results in their game.

We greatly appreciate the of Dr. Haulani, and surely you will be curious to analyze your skills to see if there is room for improvement, with the help of these amazing professionals, who enrich and complement the world of sports pretty much.

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As you already know “Feel better, play better”

Good Golf, with health!

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