“You are what you eat” is her most representative phrase and her methodology for nutritional education is based on this.

Through a specific food diary, she discusses and decides with her clients different short and long-term objectives, to obtain the desired objectives with hardly putting any effort.

Special attention is paid in teaching clients how to understand their body and its reactions, emotions and difficulties in order to give the necessary tools which will be used to obtain the desired results.

In order to do so, she does not hesitate to lean on her prestigious team of professionals, so the outcome is as effective as possible.

Para conseguirlos, no duda en apoyarse de su prestigioso equipo de profesionales colaboradores, para ofrecer el mejor servicio posible.

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Among them are internal doctors, plastic surgeons, alternative medicine doctors, phytotherapy and acupuncture.

Clients are assisted for weight loss, weight/muscular mass recovery or simply gaining health, combining nutritional education with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.