The Less Is More Golf Method®, is an innovative teaching method for golf which is good for your health and effective, and focuses on two main areas: the technological development that the golf club has gone through over recent years and the health of the golf when swinging a club.


Less Is More (Full Flyer)

foto-2The Less is More method ® protects golfers from painful muscle strain and injury, and has been developed and customised to ensure the golfers physique is not put under strain, allowing the natural movement of the human body whilst avoiding bad posture which damages muscles, bones and joints.


At the same time, the golfer learns how to use and get the most out of his or her clubs, without having to put in a great amount of effort. This new type of swing, applies geometrical and physical principles, resulting in a strong and efficient swing, and which only takes a short amount of time to master.

The “Less is More method ® is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists, and is the method approved by the Golf Clinic, the only clinic in the whole of Europe specializing in the physical health and technique in golf.

Adjusting the swing to the needs of each player, enables those who, due to age, having had operations or have physical restrictions, have had to give up playing golf, or have to take anti-inflammatories or painkillers, after each game or practice round.

Our method is particularly suitable for those players using lightweight and flexible golf clubs.

The Less is More ® Team consists of:

Chiara Cantone

  • Official physiotherapist (A.P.G.A.)
  • RPG Golf Instructor
  • Director of ”La Clínica del Golf”

Luis Martínez

  • Golf teacher (Golf Spanish Federation)
  • Professional player (PGA)
  • A.P.G.A. Member (board of directors)
  • After many years playing golf, in just one lesson, I have learned how to hit a ball correctly, truly impressed, congratulations. I believe that thanks to your help, I will be able to enjoy golf for some time to come with no pain

    Marco P. (Italia)
  • No solo os debo a Vosotros el reengancharme al golf, sino todo el deporte entero os debe por haber descubierto el mejor método para que más gente se aficione al golf. Sois el futuro de este deporte!

    Joaquín B. (Spain)
  • Sois los mejores profesores que he tenido jamás, gracias!

    Victoria A. (Spain)
  • Veramente uno spettacolo!

    Andrea C. (Italia)
  • Less is More y nada más, you are perfect!

    Olivia V. (Switzerland)
  • Pues como puede ser una cosa tan simple y eficaz y que nadie me lo había explicado antes! Muchas gracias y enhorabuena

    Luis V. (Belgium)
  • Ha sido un auténtico descubrimiento; me ha impactado. Llevo más de 55 años jugando al golf y con Vosotros he aprendido más que en todos estos años atrás

    José A. (Spain)
  • It was perfect for me! It is a fantastic new way of looking golf and the swing!

    Liz W. (Belgium)