Hello golfers!

Who hasn’t had that lower back pain that hampered or even worse, prevented them from playing golf?

This type of pain, referred to the lower back and sometimes radiating to the legs, is one of the most disabling causes today and its incidence worsened during and after confinement.


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But let’s see why and above all how to solve it.

The spinal column is made up of a certain number of blocks of different shapes and dimensions, which are articulated with each other and supported by a large number of muscles.

If we focus on it, the column is not straight but has curves, which are pretty important for the distribution of efforts and body, as well as gravitational weight.

Between vertebra and vertebra there is a disc covered with a ring that acts as a shock absorber and distributes stress in that area. Isn’t it amazing?

Why do we suffer from have back pain? There are 3 main factors:

– Direct trauma such as accidents, or indirect trauma such as natural wear or osteoarthritis.

– Lack of movement since we are made to move.

– Lack of elasticity that also worsens naturally over the years.

The first one needs medical-physiotherapy help in order to design a personalized treatment.

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The second one has, as the main cause, our modern lifestyle. We spend a huge amount of time sitting, and although we may go to the gym one hour per day (for those who are able to go), it’s quite little. Besides, the activity is not as appropriate as it could be (spinning, courses, crossfit etc).

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The last one is a consequence of the situation described in the preceding paragraph, since the spine is a flexible structure but pretty supportive, so if we do not invest more time in looking after ourselves and in prevention, problematic consequences are triggered.

In golf, the lower back is the most affected, especially in amateurs.

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The lack of a correct technique and the misunderstanding in the use of the sticks causes the vertebrae to become pretty stressed with sequelae, that are sometimes severe enough; I invite you to have a look at my previous sections, where I focus on Golf & Health.

In order to prevent low back pain, you have to keep your spine and muscles flexible. To help you with that, I am going to teach you 3 simple exercises that you can do quietly at home or in the gym, since they do not need special tools.

I suggest you taking a minute off the clock for each exercise, doing it slowly and without pain. We should repeat this small circuit 3 times. We are going to invest about 10 minutes to keep our back healthy, it isn’t much, right?


1) We get on the ground, supported on hands and knees; inhaling, we arch our back towards the ceiling and exhaling, we relax it, letting it come closer to the ground without bending the elbows.

2) Face up, one leg bent and the other extended and fastened with an elastic band. Bend the knee towards the chest and stretch pointing the heel to the ceiling and the fingers towards the nose. Bend-inhale, extend-exhale. 

3) On your back, Pilates’s tabletop position (knees bent at the hips and arms on the ground), take a breath and drop one leg to the ground and exhaling, bring it to the starting position. Do the same with the other leg without the lower back leaving the ground. 

The best 10 minutes spent of the day! The column is our supporting axis. Our posture, the movement, strength and mobility of our legs, and even more things depend on it, which is crucial so that we can enjoy a healthy life.

So, golfers, athletes, PC or sofa lovers, get to work because, as I always tell you to say goodbye to you…»Feel better, live better»

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/i-vYD_YnTDc and take the opportunity to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my healthy tips!

Good vision!

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