Golf and Active Cellular Nutrition

Hello golfers!

Today we’ll forget about the sticks and balls for a while, and we will focus on the Active Cellular and Orthomolecular Nutrition world. 

But what the hell is that? Don’t panic and let a specialist in the sector like Patricia Sevilla explains it to us! She´s a well-being, healthy habits, and a toxic-free life coach

Welcome Patry and thanks for adding valuable content to the Physiogolfmarbella blog!

1. Tell us a little more about your specialization; What problems does it solve and what benefits does it provide?

Active Cellular Nutrition combines the union between dietary re-education and the contribution of micronutrients that the person needs, depending on their imbalances. It helps improve several problems, as it goes to the root of our metabolism: our cells health, providing all the nutrients they need so our metabolism is able to work in balance.

In this way, we can prevent many of the complications that, if they are not corrected, they can cause long-term muscular problems, overweight or multiple pathologies.

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2. Nutrition is the basis of health, but does it make a difference in sport, and how?

As I constantly tell my clients: don’t be concerned about calories and worry about what you feed your cells. These are your mini factories, and if you provide them with the fuel they need, your body will work perfectly, and you’ll feel agile, active, cheerful, and achieving your goals!

In sport, as in life, nutrition is pretty important when it comes to preventing injuries and achieving faster recoveries. Avoiding certain foods and a correct supply of nutrients is crucial in athletes.

3. Are you a fan of intermittent fasting? Would you recommend it to people who play sports?

Yes, I am quite a fan of intermittent fasting and I often design fasting strategies with my clients. I design them, as well, with people who practice sport, since training on an empty stomach supports fat and glycogen breakdown, in order to obtain energy.

4. How should golfers eat, or which meals favor them?

Above all, being well hydrated with water is the key. They should have fruit and some nuts or chocolate +85% on their tours. In the main meals it’s essential to include vegetables (healthy carbohydrates), proteins and healthy fats, which will provide them with prolonged energy in order to be at 100% during the 4-6 hours they can be on the golf course.

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5. Now that summer is approaching, what advice would you give for proper hydration?

First of all, drink loads of quality water (at least 2 liters per day), throughout the day. Nearly everyone consumes less water than necessary.  It’s recommended to have seasonal fruits outside meals and consume a high number of vegetables in each main meal.

6. Can lack of sleep be to blame for injury or physical pain?

Undoubtedly, the lack of restful sleep can contribute to generating stressful situations, and stress favors the acidification of tissues, which can bring about injuries and chronic muscle pain.

7. Do you have new projects? (https://patrysevilla.tumejortu.es)

Yes, I have recently launched my new website, www.patrysevilla.com, where I offer different types of online services. In addition, in parallel to this, I collaborate in the 30-day program TU MEJOR TÚ (www.tumejortu.es) where, through cellular nutrition, we guide people towards a healthier lifestyle and achieve their goals in a short time! I encourage you to take a look.

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Many thanks Patry for helping us to be better and healthier!

For those who want to know more, I remind you that you can interact with Patry Sevilla here: www.patrysevilla.com

And remember “Feel better, play better”

Good golf!

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