The CMF PT® is a new therapeutical device which works at a biophysical and molecular level to repair and strengthen tissue in our:

  • Muscles
  • Tendons-ligaments
  • Bones-cartilage
  • Nervous system
How does it work?

Coded information about the affected area is transmitted via electromagnetic flieds, which return the cells to a normal and healthy state.

The CMF PT® results speak for themselves; typically patients experience a 50-70% reduction in pain after 2-4 sessions, greatly improving the quality of life whilst reducing the patient´s recovery time.

Furthermore, the CMF PT® is the only type of therapy that promotes tissue regeneration without invasive surgery, it´s completely painless and does not cause side effects. It does not leave scar tissue in the affected area, as the cells are repaired in the correct way, on a biomechanical and biological level.

The big difference is that the CMF PT® therapy does not require anaesthetic and doesn´t mask the problem, instead it works directly with the affected area, sending information so that those same cells start to work in the correct way, and start to return to a balanced physiological state, without relapses or side effects.

The other big advantage that the CMF PT® system has, is that it doesn´t use heat or vibration, enabling it to be used in situations previously unsuitable for use with therapeutical instruments such as

  • Areas of acute pain
  • Prosthetic metal joints
  • Stitches & plaster casts
  • Sensitive skin, allergic reactions
  • Children, older patients

We use a small utensil for small and specific areas, a plate for larger areas or for targeting areas of chronic pain, and a mat for all over chronic pain, recovery from sports injuries and reversing jet-lag

Examples of some of the problem areas that can be treated, are as follows:

  • Neck pain
  • Acute and chronic circulation problems
  • Fractures and pseudo-arthrosis
  • Dislocation and joint pain (shoulder, hip, knee, etc.)
  • Pulled or damaged muscles
  • Muscle pain (lumbago, contractions, painful areas, etc.)
  • Severe arthritis and arthrosis
  • Sinovitis, joint inflammation
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Neuralgia
  • Post training/competition stress and strain
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