Dispelling myths!

  We have always been told that oranges contain the highest levels of vitamin C but this isn´t necessarily true! Golfers – keep up your defences and immune system against colds and flu without missing another round of golf. How? By putting all colours of peppers in your smoothies and juices, salads and the rest…

Physiogolfmarbella and Marco Polacci

  Chiara Cantone founder of the Golf Clinic, received a visit from Marco Polacci, President of IAGTO (the International Golf Tour Operator Association) at the Magna Clinic in Marbella.  Marco experienced first hand the benefits of following a work protocol, and found a solution to his lumbago which had been keeping him off the golf…

Physiogolfmarbella at Valle Romano Golf Club


Chiara Cantone, the official physiotherapist for the A.G.P.A circuit, attended the Andalucian Pro Tournament at the the beautiful Valle Romano course in Estepona.  Chiara was there to help  the players with any possible joint and muscular problems, fortunately the only two cases were that of lumbago and a stiff neck.


Take care of your back with educational classes in posture.

  Lots of factors influence our daily posture and can be the major cause of our joint and muscular pain.  That´s why knowing how to establish, maintain and strengthen good posture is so important. Chiara Cantone holds classes on Posture at the Magna Clinic in Marbella throughout summer. WEDNESDAYS AT 19:00.  THE FIRST CLASS IS…

Interview at PhysioGolfMarbella on Coaching Radio with Mariano Angel Puerta.

PhysioGolfMarbella were honoured to receive an invitation for an interview with the famous coach Mariano Angel Puerta to share our knowledge and support with as many golfers as possible about this wonderful sport and to talk about Golf and it´s associated health in general.Because if you feel better, you play better. For more information, contact…

PhysioGolfMarbella on “We Are In the Clouds” Radio Station


We received an invitation from David Fournier, the voice of “We Are In The Clouds Radio” to talk about physiotherapy at home, Golf and health, and much more. Don’t miss this luxury, a massage at home with a professional! No stress, no driving, no parking…is there anything better?

Contact us at info@physiogolfmarbella.com

Collaboration agreement between PhysioGolfMarbella and the El Paraiso Golf Club.


Day by day, PhysioGolfMarbella are supporting and helping the golfing community in Marbella, and they have now finalised a key agreement with the El Paraíso Golf Club, offering service and treatment to it´s members throughout 2016.  Prevention is key.

For more information go to www.physiogolfmarbella.com or contact as at info@physiogolfmarbella.com

PhysioGolfMarbella on Marbella Beach


Every summer PhysioGolfMarbella work with Zenki Therapies on the beach at Marbella Club.  So,

it´s not all about golf, but we have the sea, the sun , the beach and amazing massages with an unbeatable view.

Come and pamper yourself!

For more information @ www.zenkitherapy.com  or info@physiogolfmarbella.com