4 Benefits of Nordic Walking in your Life and Golf


If you’re looking for a fun, total body workout that you can do in any season, look no further than Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking consists of walking with two poles (designed specifically for this activity), one in each hand, and using the poles to propel yourself forward. This engages the upper body, increasing strength, endurance and cardiovascular function.


The following are just five of the many benefits that Nordic Walking offers:

1.Provides a great cardiovascular workout

Like regular walking, Nordic Walking is great for your heart. Since Nordic Walking activates more of your body, however, it can provide even more of a workout, and some research has found that it burns more calories.

Nordic Walking can be either leisurely or intensive, and you can easily work yourself up to the next level with practice. Some research has found that walking with arm activation can also increase energy expenditure, heart rate and oxygen uptake compared to walking without the use of the arms.

It helps reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke and is a great way to build endurance, being a great part of a weight loss plan, if you need it. You’ll keep your energies during the whole round of Golf!


2.Improves balance and coordination

The movements that Nordic Walking require can improve both balance and coordination. To properly move the poles along with your stride requires moving your arms in opposition with your legs.

When your upper and lower halves, and opposing muscle groups, must work together in this way, your entire body achieves greater balance, involving a great CORE workout.

You’ll feel results in your daily life but, most of all, swinging the club!


3.Engages numerous muscle groups

Nordic Walking has been found to engage up to 90% of the muscles in the body!!!

Muscle groups that are especially targeted are those of the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and triceps. It may also help to increase all-over mobility, and reduce muscle pain.

Great to achieve more mobility and be able to swing the golf club with no pain or tension.


4.Reduces strain on the joints

Because the poles used for Nordic Walking pick up some of the weight of each step, they take some pressure off of the knees and other joints. This makes Nordic Walking an ideal exercise for older individuals, people with knee problems and those recovering from heart-related complications. It can be done at a gentle pace, so as to provide a great workout with minimum strain.

Perfect for preventing joints problems (knees and hips are often suffering playing golf)!

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How do I get started?

Upon deciding to give Nordic Walking a try, experts strongly recommend taking a class to learn proper technique (private start up lesson at +34 691 011 240 or contact us at info@golf.axialdm.com)


Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can easily branch out on your own, however, starting out without knowing the motions can do more harm than good, and can actually lead to strain or even injury.

Before you begin, you will need to obtain a set of Nordic Walking poles. Investing in a good set of poles is essential, since poorly-made ones may vibrate and lack proper stability so let us helping you!

They should have a high-quality set of tips to match the type of terrain that you will be walking on. Never substitute ski poles or other types of walking poles for Nordic Walking poles; they are not made for this purpose!

The only other things you will need are a comfortable, well-fitting, lightweight pair of walking shoes and a willingness to learn, and you’ll be ready to trek!


Are you excited?! Well, me too, let’s start!



One to one or small group workouts available

Ask for our packages and offers at +34 691 011 240 or contact as at info@golf.axialdm.com



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