My name is Chiara Cantone, I am from the north of Italy and fully qualified as a physiotherapist and masseuse since 2001. My training and experience enable me to offer the best service for Health, Golf, Fitness and Wellbeing. I speak Italian, English and Spanish.

Manual therapies combined with athletic and sport taping are my main work tools beside my vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I specialize in treating you in your home but I also collaborate with clinics and sports centers in Marbella’s area.

As a certified Golf Instructor, my lessons will focus on the player’s health. Preventing injuries by taking care of the player’s posture at all times, I protect your spinal column from unnecessary stress.

As a certified suspension training (TRX) and Therapeutic Pilates instructor, I train clients at any level at sports centers or in their home. The class will be adapted to each individual’s requirements and objectives.

Collaborators & Associates

I work with the most knowledgeable and experienced medical facilities and highly trained personnel in the area, covering the three aspects of Health, Golf and Fitness.

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